We provide Virtual Consultation to home owners to assist them during every stage of their home renovation project. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you create your dream home!



Our services are flexible and we can customise this to match your needs.

Concept Design

This is the stage where we add most value to your property. Once we understand your requirements we will design and present the concept scheme using preesntation plans and moodboards.

  • The first meeting to discuss your requirements and existing site conditions
  • Producing design options from your requirements
  • Creating moodborards
  • Discussing budget vs design options
  • Sketches and visualisation to explain the designs

Online Consultation

We have been providing online consultation service over the past 5 years and a lot of our clients use this service to their advantage. The online consultation is tailored to suit your requirements and it can be booked as a single session or block booked for multiple sessions. Each session would last 60 min. within which we would be providing you with our expertise regarding a stage of the project that you need assitance with.

Step 1: Contact us to book a meeting

Step 2: Depending on your requirements we will advise you regarding the number of sessions

Step 3: Once the number of sessions are agreed we will send you a link with a short questionnaire and a link to make the payment

Step 4: Once the booking is confirmed, we will email you a meeting link with date and time of our meeting

Step 5: You will click the link within the email at the scheduled time and the meeting will last for 60 min.

Step 6: After the meeting we will email you the sketches/ drawings/ documents that were produced during our meeting

Planning Drawings

We have over 15 years of experience in preparing and submitting planning applications for residential projects of various scales. We have experinece in submitting planning applications within most London boroughs.

  • Preparing planning application drawings including and existing and proposed drawings
  • We can visit your home to do a measured survey or if you send us a sketch we can prodcue the planning application drawings using your dimensioned sketch
  • We have put together a home owner’s guide to measured survey which we can email free of charge up on request
  • We will email you the draft application drawings for your approval
  • Once the drawings are approved, we will prepare and submit the online application

Consultants Selection

Home refurbishments can be a daunting process involving various consulatnts from builders, sub-contractors, planning consultant to party wall surveyors. If instructed, we can act as lead consultant and assist you in appointing the appropriate consultants for various stages of the project.

  • We can assist you with putting together a scope document that you can send out to your preferred builder(s)
  • We can help you with the analysis of the costing document that you receive from your builder(s) and recommend the right builder/ building company for your project
  • We can recommend reliable structural engineers, party wall surveyors, joiners and other consultants for your renovation project

Interior Design

We provide you with a fully tailored interior design service that looks at adding the final layer of your identity to your newly refurbished space. We can assit you in styling your new space with Furniture, fixtures & equipments.

  • We can assist you in sourcing furniture and fixtures from our network of suppliers at a trade price rather than retail
  • We can put together moodboards for each space within your home
  • We can advise you with sourcing vintage/ reclaimed furniture and upcycling it to suit your requirements

Construction Management

Once the project is on site, we can manage your projects during the construction phase. We can provide the builder's with the necessary information in a timely manner to avoid any delays to the project programme.

  • We can schedule a site visit to check the progress and quality of work
  • Produce construction documentation for on-site works
  • Provide expertise to resolve on-site issues
  • Provide you with updates regarding the programme and next steps