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Let there be light

Upon first view the thing that attracted our clients to this suburbian 1930’s property was the quality of light – diffused yet dazzling and they immediately set their heart on wanting to enjoy this light in every space of the home that it was going to be. Endowed with a large garden, this property was the perfect setting for a 6m large extension to the rear. To allow the light to continue percolating through to the central space, we planted a courtyard mid-plan that would then organise light, space and life around itself. A linear kitchen with bookends meant no unusable corners and an articulation of the expanse of the extension. The vocabulary of the courtyard was extended to the panoramic windows to the rear elevation, a box seat completing the indoor-outdoor experience. Selecting the perfect tree for the courtyard was a mini project in itself!

A stunning loft space crowns the three-storey house with views out to the countryside. Airy and light like the rest of the house, this space proudly hosts a master bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, ensuite and workstation.